2015 ‘Multifamily Housing: Creating a Community’
2012 ‘Forty-Six Square Metres of Land Doesn’t Normally Become A House’, Stuart Harrison
2012 ‘Houses for Small Spaces’, Gary Takle
2011 ‘Inspire’Australian Institute of Architects

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2017 July 'Grand Designs Australia' magazine 'Two's company - A project that makes you look twice' Annabelle Cloros
2014 October 7 ‘Il Tirreno’ newspaper (Italy) ‘Prato, installazioni architettoniche lungo la pista ciclabile del Bisenzio’  Paula Marano
2014 October 7 ‘Pratosfera’ (Italy) ‘”Multiple Entities”: Le installazioni sul Bisenzio della Monash’  Lorenzo Tempestini
2013 December‘Arch+ 213’ magazine (Germany) ‘Out of Balance - Kritik der Gegenwart’
2012 June 9 ‘The Age’ newspaper ‘Trash to architectural treasure’  Paul Best
2012 February 18 ‘The Age’ newspaper ‘Rendered with a touch of Tuscany’  Paul Best
2011 March ‘Houses’ magazine ‘Project 07 Yan Lane Duplex’ Elizabeth Watson-Brown
2011 October ‘The Age’ newspaper,  Zinta Jurjans Heard
2011 February ‘Monument’ magazine
2010 October ‘Architecture Australia’ magazine
2010 October ‘Architectural Review’ magazine ‘A framework for Living’ Martyn Hook
2010 August ‘Architect Victoria’ magazine
2010 October 29 ‘The Age’ newspaper ‘From the offbeat to the serene the future has been designed’ Elizabeth Farrelly
2009 December 12 ‘The Age’ newspaper ‘Reimagining Richmond’
2009/2010 ‘Top Homes’ magazine
2006 November 11 ‘Herald Sun’ newspaper
2006/2007 ‘Top Homes’ magazine

2017 August - Architecture&Design "Two Houses, one plan" Kirsty Seir
2017 August - The Design Writer "Two white houses, with identical plans" Penny Craswell
2017 January - Interiores Minimalistas "Casas Gemelas con Personalidad Propria" María José
2016 November - Lunchbox Architect "Folded Facades Give Two Identical Homes Their Own Identity" Brodie Norris
2014 April - Lunchbox Architect "Inner-City Lost Space is Transformed by this Infill Development" Brodie Norris
2011 December - Australian Design Review "ADR's Top 10 Features for 2011"
2011 June - Architecture AU "National Architecture Awards Citation" National Architecture Awards Jury
2011 February - Australian Design Review "A Framework for Living" Martyn Hook
2010 December - Architecture AU "Yan Lane Duplex" Elizabeth Watson-Brown
2010 - Australian Institute of Architects "Yan Lane National Awards"

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