location: Prahran, Victoria, Australia
program: residential – new house
status: completed

The brief for this project was to provide a building with a solid sense of security and containment, with double skin solid brick walls and cellular rooms.  As well as providing this sense of strength and enclosure, the building involves strategically placed and detailed openings, with sliding doors that disappear into the wall construction to allow the relatively small openings to open in their entirety.  While creating the feeling of security, this also enables cross ventilation and connection between spaces.  A principle gesture of the project is a double height light court space at the centre of the building.  This allows sun and light to penetrate into the spaces.  Although physically enclosed, the building features a blurring of the sensation of what is inside and outside.  Located on a tight site, the building is overgrown with foliage wherever possible, with planter boxes and various planted out stepped terraces.