location: anywhere
program: residential – mass production house
status: competition and exhibition

In consultation with volume house builders, this project sought to apply efficiencies and scales of mass production to create an inexpensive, standard and repeatable but flexible housing module.  Through a hierarchical arrangement of public, private and semi private spaces, one module is a house in itself but is also imagined as a single piece of a larger urban jigsaw puzzle.  Created with no specific client or context the house is conceived as a blank canvas.  With minimal landscaping and finishes, it offers a matrix for living, adaptable to its location to suit its solar orientation and designed to be infilled over time by the lives of its occupants.

Along with the natural effect of inhabitation, spaces are animated and a sense of drama is created through the use of texture, light and the composition of spaces of different dimensions and volumes.  The building enables flexibility in how it is lived in.  It is able to be used in a private or sociable manner, at the scale of both individuals within the house and at the scale of the house within the community.

This design work was exhibited at Federation Square, Melbourne, Australia